Mentor Training & Rookie Lend/Lease Grant

The FIRST Mentor Training and Rookie Lend & Lease Grant, sponsored by The Argosy Foundation and IndianaFIRST, provides training & equipment to non-profit group starting a new FIRST team. The mentor training aspect of the grant includes providing local, hands-on workshops, which teach mentors how to train students and develop their skills. During the first year of the team, a basic kit of materials will be given to the team to use through their first season. The team will commit to purchasing their own equipment in their second season. At the end of their first season the team will return the equipment to allow a new team to start.

Printable Information Flyer

Application Form

Application Deadlines

  • Round 1: Due June 9th, awardees announced July 7th
  • Round 2: Due July 14th, awardees announced July 24th
  • Round 3: Due August 18th, awardees announced August 28th
  • Round 4: Due September 22nd, awardees announced October 2nd

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which program to choose?
Take a look at our cross program description sheet to see what program would be the best fit.

What does it cost to start a team?
Take a look at our cross program description sheet for an overview of what a team budget looks like!

Will there be help outside the training sessions?
Yes! IndianaFIRST leadership and other FIRST teams are always available for additional help.

Where do I submit my application for the grant?
Visit the following form to submit your application: Indiana FIRST Mentor Training and Rookie Lend & Lease Grant Application

Where and when does training take place?
Training will take place within an hour of the awardee’s locations in September or November depending on the program date.

Have more questions?  Contact us!

Renee Becker-Blau Rachel Miller
Renee Becker-Blau, Indiana FIRST Executive Director
Rachel Miller, FIRST Senior Mentor for Indiana