How can you support IndianaFIRST?

Become an Event Sponsor

FIRST events are exciting and fun-filled opportunities to see youth in action, applying the knowledge and skills developed through team participation. Each event includes not only students, but also a large audience of parents, university and corporate mentors, and local leaders in business, government, education, and the media.

Local and regional events offer prominently visible opportunities to recognize the support and generosity of their sponsors.

Contact us for more information on available events and sponsorship packages.

Become a Team Sponsor

Companies can sponsor teams by providing a number of supports including funding, mentorship time and talent, volunteers, equipment, and more.

Companies that support IndianaFIRST reap many benefits, including:

  • Helping build a STEM-literate work force
  • Attracting and retaining good employees
  • Providing employee volunteer, team building, and training opportunities
  • Creating a pipeline for interns and future employees
  • Strengthening their reputation in the community

Pat Hart
“Being a part of FIRST robotics as a high school student steered me towards an engineering career and helped prepare me for a professional workplace. The experiences I had as part of an FRC team in high school gave me success in similar environments at Purdue and were a strong foundation as I co-oped at Toyota and ultimately began work at Rolls-Royce. As a mentor today on Team 234, I have the opportunity to develop leadership and project management skills that I can take back to the workplace. The short project timeline of FRC provides the ability to assess my leadership skills at a faster pace, and I can make changes that benefit our team and carry over to my work at Rolls-Royce.”

    -Pat Hart Manufacturing Engineer Rolls-Royce
Pat's Timeline of Involvement in IndianaFIRST
2004-2006 Participated on FRC team 234 sponsored by Rolls-Royce
2006-2011 Attended Purdue University
2006-2008 Member of Purdue FIRST Program Regional Development
2008-2009 Co-op at Toyota
2009-2011 Mentor for FRC team 461 at West Lafayette High School
2011-Present Manufacturing Engineer at Rolls-Royce
2011-Present Mentor for FRC team 234

If you are interested in becoming a team sponsor, we recommend seeing what events are in your area. Attending these events with one or more of the decision makers from your company will give you the opportunity to talk to students and mentors and see the robots they build in action. We guarantee you will be impressed, amazed, and inspired to support IndianaFIRST and the youth we serve in our programs.

If you can’t find an event in your area, or have any questions about sponsoring a team, please contact us.


Your generous donation to IndianaFIRST will help ensure thousands of students have access to the unique experiences we offer through our programs. By making your unrestricted gift to the Annual Fund, you will allow IndianaFIRST the flexibility to allocate funds where they are most needed, including to regional events, teams, and operational expenses. If you are interested in donating to IndianaFIRST, please contact us.

Natalie Gilbert
“I decided to try and reach my goal of becoming an Engineer through the unique opportunities presented by FIRST Robotics. I love to build and work with my hands and have learned how to use multiple tools and equipment with the added bonus of making new friends. This is a great experience for those interested in some type of Engineering.”

    -Natalie Gilbert Indiana FRC Team Member

IndianaFIRST greatly appreciates the support of its sponsors, suppliers, and contributors. Please join our community of companies, colleges and universities, foundations, government agencies, professional associations, other nonprofits, and individuals working to inspire youth to pursue STEM excellence.