Team Resources

Running a FIRST team is hard work! And finding all of the excellent resources available to teams can also be a challenge. Below is a collection of resources available to FIRST teams in Indiana. If your team would like to suggest a resource to add to this section, please contact us with more information.

IndianaFIRST Consent & Release Forms

Good news!  The IndianaFIRST Consent and Release form is ONLINE!  When students, mentors, and parents register they will get to fill out the FIRST consent and release and the IndianaFIRST consent and release.

The Consent and Release form should be completed for each person attending an IndianaFIRST district event.

Check out this step-by-step guide on how to register!

FIRST Informational Handouts

Is your team interested in helping recruit schools and community groups to form FIRST teams?  Do you need some informational handouts to help?  Click on the following links to get a couple of .pdf files that can help.  If you need other brochures or materials, check out the resource pages on the FIRST inspires website.

Press Release Templates

Chris Osborne has put together some templates for teams to use for getting the word out to their local media outlets!

2017 Indiana FIRST Forums Presentations

Chairman’s Award & Community Outreach
Effective Meetings & Communication with Teenagers
Building a FIRST Pipeline
Mentoring For Diversity
Robot Actuators
Robot Drivetrains
Robot Troubleshooting
Selling FIRST to your School, Sponsors, and Community
Student Leadership & Team Structure
Technical Innovation for Team Success
Basic Electricity and Electronics for FRC

IndianaFIRST 2019 District Bid Process:

The IndianaFIRST Competition Committee used the following documents in the 2019 Bid Process. If you are interested in submitting a proposals for next year, review the following documents:

2019 IndianaFIRST Bid Process
2019 IndianaFIRST Intent to Bid Google Form
Media Room Network Requirements
Field/Pit Area Electrical Requirements

AndyMark Team Reactivation Challenge

AndyMark is offering some sponsorships to inactive Indiana teams that start up again - and veteran teams that help them out!  Learn more & see the list of inactive teams.

Mentor Training & Rookie Lend/Lease Grant

The Mentor Training and Rookie Lend & Lease Grant, sponsored by The Argosy Foundation and IndianaFIRST, provides training & equipment to non-profit group starting a new FIRST team.  Check out the grant page for more information.

2017 World CMP (St. Louis) FIRST Fundraising Toolkit Workshop

Each FIRST team has different mentors, parents, students, and community engagement opportunities. The FIRST Fundraising Toolkit offers excellent advice on how to create a team fundraising plan with fill-in-the-blank resources, videos, and example fundraisers from teams within FIRST, but how do you put the FIRST Fundraising Toolkit to work for your team, in your community, and with the resources you currently have?

Check out the presentation and worksheet from the 2017 FIRST Fundraising Toolkit Workshop:

Presentation Slides
2017 Fundraising Toolkit Worksheet

IndianaFIRST District Information

Does your team have questions about upcoming District Events? Teams are welcome to email with any questions and we will respond as soon as possible.

Looking for team ranking information? Visit the FRC District Ranking System website once competition season starts to find out how well your team is doing! - FRC District Ranking System

2017 Season - IndianaFIRST Survey’s

IndianaFIRST would like to gather information on how the FIRST Robotics Competition program is making an impact in Indiana. This information will help us show the program’s impact when we reach out to:
- Colleges and Universities for scholarships;
- Organizations for support;
- Schools to start new teams.

Please help us show the value of the program so we can help our teams! The information will be gathered over the course of the 2017 competition season.

Click here for the Student Survey.

2016 FIRST Forums Presentations

AndyMark Tips
Assimilating & Acclimating Members
Autodesk Inventor
Bridging The Gap
Building K-12 Programs
C++ Programming For FRC
Creating Team Budgets In FIRST
FIRST Fundraising Toolkit Handout
Fundraising Toolkit
Gear Box Presentation
Gear Table
Great Robot Designs In FRC History
How To Pass Inspection The First Time
Integrating Robotics Into The Curriculum
LGBTQ + Inclusion and Diversity In FIRST
Mentoring For Diversity In FIRST
Motion Control In FRC
Sheet Metal
Strategic Design

IndianaFIRST Mentor Meeting Materials

The 2016 mentor meeting was held on August 29th, 30th & 31st in Michigan City, Kokomo, & Greenwood, IN. The powerpoint presentation is posted below, along with the handouts given at the meeting.

2016 IndianaFIRST Mentor Meeting Presentation
2016 Mentor Meeting - Committee Roles
PR and Marketing Committee Detailed Description And Duties

The 2015 mentor meeting was held on Thursday, September 10th in Indianapolis, IN. The powerpoint presentation and Q&A notes from the meeting are posted below.

2015 IndianaFIRST Mentor Meeting Presentation
2015-2016 Q&A Mentor Meeting Notes
FIRST Standards Alignment Data
FRC Standards Alignment

The 2014 mentor meeting was held on Wednesday, September 17th in Kokomo, IN. The powerpoint presentation and recording of the meeting are below.

2014 Mentor Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
2014 Mentor Meeting Recorded Presentation

Mentor Training

In the Fall of 2013, FRC Team 234 mentor and former IndianaFIRST board president, Chris Fultz, created a four hour Introductory FRC Mentor Training Session to provide new mentors with a basic introduction to the FRC program.

IndianaFIRST Introductory Mentor Training Session

2015 FIRST Forums Presentations

Advanced LabVIEW
Bridging the Gap
Chairman’s Award Panel
Data Logging for Tuning PID
Dealing with Change
Dean’s List 2016
Drivetrain Design
Effective Strategy
FIRST in College
FTC - Engineering Notebook
FTC - Game Strategy
Intro into FRC Java
LabVIEW basics
Material Selection in Mechanical Design
Passing the Torch
Perfect Pitch - Share Your FIRST Story
Programming for FRC in C++
Sensors for FRC robots
Team Scouting
What can I do as a Parent?


Renee Becker, the 2013-2014 IndianaFIRST AmeriCorps VISTA, worked with FIRST HQ to design and build the FIRST Fundraising Toolkit to guide teams through the art of raising funds. The toolkit is primarily geared towards older students who participate in FRC and FTC, but FLL coaches may find valuable information in the toolkit for their teams as well. Topics covered include writing a team business or fundraising plan, community analyses, how-to’s on approaching a potential sponsor, recognizing and thanking sponsors, ideas for community fundraisers, and much more.

Check out the FIRST Fundraising Toolkit and kick your fundraising efforts into gear!

Marketing Resources

FIRST HQ and IndianaFIRST Logos can be found here:

IndianaFIRST PNG Logo
FIRST Marketing Tools